Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Contractor

What is your background and how experienced are you in remodeling?

You don’t want your home to be the training ground for someone trying to learn the business.  John Techel has over 15 years of experience in residential remodeling.  John works closely with design teams to insure excellent design and also works closely with JT Construction, LLC crew to make sure your project goes smoothly.

How experienced are the people who work with you?

The company you hire is as good as the people in it.  you should look to see if the complexity of your project matches the experience of the company.  At JT Construction, LLC our combined crew has over 29 years experience.  We also feel it is important to know the work ethics and experience of sub-contractors we will provide for your project, so JT Construction, LLC has worked hard to establish an excellent rapport with subs who meet our standards.

Are you licensed to work in my city or county?

Contractors are required to be licensed and must take credited courses to update their license on a two year basis.  Contractors must show proof of educational credits to insure a license, as well as provide proof of license to city hall of your area when working on a project for you.  We strongly caution working with a contractor who is not licensed because this will not protect you in the event something goes wrong with your project.  JT Construction, LLC firmly believes in education and being licensed in all localities of Sheboygan County.

Are you a member of the local Home Builders Association?

JT Construction, LLC is a proud member of the Sheboygan County Home Builder’s Association.  John serves as 2010 president elect, as well as serves on the board and education committee.

JT Construction, LLC is also a member of the Wisconsin Home Builder’s Association and National Association of Home Builders.

Will your furnish me with a list of your past clients?

Yes, we are happy to do that.  Also please feel free to visit our testimonials page for what some our clients have to say about JT Construction, LLC.

Will your furnish me with detailed specifications?

More problems and misunderstandings develop in this area than anywhere else.  Be sure you clearly understand what your contractor will do and won’t do.  We review our specs in thorough detail with each client prior to a signed agreement.

Can I use the Internet to select products for our project?

Yes you may, however, your contractor may have better pricing and product support locally.

What insurance do you carry to protect me in case an accident occurs?

If someone gets hurt on the job, and it can happen, you may have to pay for that workman’s injuries and support unless your contractor is properly insured.  Be sure to request copy of your contractor’s insurance policy and make sure his/her coverage is adequate.

What kind of guarantee to you offer and is it in writing?

Read and question the guarantee.  At JT Construction, LLC we offer a written guarantee in our agreement.

How will my project be supervised?

Supervision of a company’s project is subject to depth of experience of their personnel.  AT JT Construction, LLC every job is supervised from start to finish.

Will someone be working on my project everyday?

With today’s trend relying more on trade contractors and less on employees, this question becomes very important.  Almost all companies use trade contractors to some degree.  It is important for you know how this will impact your project.  At JT Construction, LLC we use a core team of trade contractors who we know will complete your job on a timely basis.

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