John Techel

John Techel began working part-time helping a local home builder, while managing a full time management position with Curt G. Joa building million dollar machines.  Realizing his passion was remodeling, he took the leap into starting his own buisness in 1995.  He has not looked back and finds many rewards in running his remodeling company.

John loves the challenge of remodeling because you are not always sure what you will encounter as you begin the process. He is able to navigate changes with little effort and provide peace of mind to clients during the entire remodeling process.

One client felt so comfortable with John, and how easy it is to work with him that he said, “I felt like I was working with my brother.”

John Techel has served in the past, as well as is currently on the 2012 board for the Elkhart Lake Chamber of Commerce. He is also a member of the Sheboygan Falls Chamber of Commerce and Plymouth Chamber of Commerce.

He has volunteered many hours of his time managing a special project with Bookworm Gardens, a garden connecting nature and literature to enrich children’s lives, which will opened in Sheboygan County in 2010.  He also  providing a specially built dog house to reside in a portion of the garden in honor of his disabled dachshund, Frankie.  John’s wife, Barbara is the author of a children’s book series about their dog, Frankie, who is represented in the garden.